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The "Laba" is a well-respected custom in RomaniaFormat:Dn wich involves both psihical strength and high science knowledge.

History of "Laba"[modificare]

The first evidence of laba making were traced back to the 3rd century A.D., where neanderthal man developed a way to launch cybernetic projectiles. Yes, they had that technology at the time, but it's usage was limited. Only in the 21st century laba started developing along with the development of computers, wich, enhanced the acces to pornography. Anyway, this laba thing led to the developing of cybernetic organisms and weapons.

Usage of "Laba"[modificare]


Laba is now used both to deliver plesure and mainly for self defence. People equippped with a laba gun (usually males) are popularily called "Labari" or "Labagii" (for Scientists). Firing a laba gun in public in Romania is a sense of power and mental strength. You have to be a professional "dobitoc" do pull it off, but some manage to do it. A laba gun can be fired both by scraching or charging it with one's hand. After loading it (using forward-backword motion) it will discharge using a tremendous force, that is why you need special training. THIS CAN BE LETHAL!!! DO NOT TRY AT HOME!! Laba projectiles are usually white and have the length of 5 cm but they can reach lengths of 0.5 m when fired by experts, and can be fired both at close range and at long range (using scopes). Projecties are bio-mechanical and and are known to bounce back. This type of mass terrorism is usually "performed" by activists, called "aurolaci", especially during night hours, while leaning on a pole, or in the sewers, where these creatures dwell.The "aurolaci" are also known for their high skills in "laba", using their ability to scare out "babe"(old ladies), which immediately shout "viol"(i.e.: oh, lord, he is going to forcingly introduce his sexual organ - known as "pula" - into every hole of my body, including my eye sockets).

Quotes on "Laba"[modificare]

  • I'm making myself a laba.
  • Bă labă tristă! (You sad bear paw.)


Laba means:

masturbation, jerk off, killing the beast, manual labor, blowing your own horn