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Hunedoara is a town in Romania, home for up to 84,000 people, 200,000 wild dogs and 9,854,354,248,580,225,170,184,925,115,021 mosquitos.

For the traveler used to seeing only dust and debris in romanian towns, Hunedoara offers an oasis of green. This amazing town beautification is not the initial intent though. The vegetation was initially meant to protect the people from the waste generated by the second steal works in Romania. But the steal runned out of bussiness after revolution, so people were left only with the trees. This is not a big improvement from the medieval times when the peoples inhabiting the region were also called "padureni" (people from the woods).

A simple walk in the park will make you ask where the youths are. Well, they aren't! In fact, they were, but about half are working abroad, and the others just went mad because they were left home, and locked themselfs in their flats. If you happen to stay for the night in town, you will see the lights from their appartment, as they all have sleeping disorder.

There is also an impressive castle, biggest in Romania, home of the greatest noble family that ever inhabited the region, called Huniazi, now extinct. For the horror fans, it is also the place where Dracula was imprissoned by the same family and had quite a pleasure stay along with rats in the dungeons of the castle. Now Dracula is gone, but rats are everywhere.

The only place in town where you can have some real fun is the Micro-5 suburb, where romanians and gippsies are exchanging blood and women. They are the poorest guys of the town, but they can prove you wrong, as all day long they are sitting like sultans, with hundreds of their childs running almost naked all around, drinking a stinky beer called Hatzegana in the rithm of Manele music.

There are cars in this town, the best cars come out at night (6 to 9 pm) and the people walking the "Faleza" can see them rushing by. On the "Faleza" you can find most of the youth left in town, but be careful because those nice young ladies are in fact 9 to 12 years old.

Because Hunedoara is situated in Transilvania after 11 o'clock pm it is forbidden to walk the streets as the vampires are comming out to play... if you do get out (AT YOUR OWN RISK) every bar or pub will be closed so you might as well go in the park and get raped or killed.