Daniela Gyorfi

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What tell about someone who dresses like that?

The half-breed sex addicted, with big breasts, manele and other unknown genres singer that calls herself Daniel-coada-de-maimutza (Danilel@). People just call her Beorfy or Shtörfy (coming from romanian 'boarfa' respectively 'shtoarfa'). A big and old sexsymbol that is never satisfied with her breast size (only her big nipples seem to always be the same size), Daniela never acknowledged her status as a decent TV whore, but her desperate war to gain publicity by showing everything on live TV (even her bare pussy) gave her away as the whore queen of Romanian television. Having all of these so called breast-augmentating operations also raised up rumors that she might be a he, but besides her restless sex life, nothing has been proven.

Daniela has had so many nude in public appearances that no one was interested in her latest scandal when she was caught on tape blowing some dude and taking it from behind.

She has an online contest on her official website, the loser being entitled to a whole month of wild animalic 24-7 sex with her. What a Bitch.